Thanos Hotels & Resorts

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility are a key part of our company identity. We not only take all necessary steps to protect and support our local natural and historic environments, but prioritise support of our local community too: embracing culture and the arts; providing opportunities to enhance the educational level of the next generation; and contributing to the welfare of animals through our registered charity.

Enavsma Foundation

Inspired by the passion of our late founder, Alecos Michaelides, for the education of the new generation, we collaborate with Round Table 7 Paphos to provide postgraduate level scholarships to students facing financial hardship. To date, ten scholarships, with a total value of €84,000, have been awarded to local students, supporting their dreams in Cypriot universities and beyond.

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Simba Animal Aid

Our hotels are dog-friendly and offer an array of comforts to guests’ four-legged friends. Continuing this passion, we established «SIMBA Animal Aid Cyprus » in 2019: a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue of neglected or abandoned local animals. The Company—and its many dedicated staff— cover all financial, operational and maintenance needs of SIMBA’s Nicosia dog shelter, providing care and finding forever homes for around 400 strays a year.

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Culturual Events for Cypriot Artists

Inspired by events organised as part of «Cultural Capital Paphos 2017», we began sponsoring and hosting local cultural events, subsequently offering a support platform to local artists. Since 2017, more than 40 different events have given dozens of local artists—in the fields of photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, writing and more—the opportunity to present their work to the public.

Promotion of Authentic Cypriot Products

Thanos Hotels prioritises close cooperation with local businesses, producers and community organisations to support the production and promotion of authentic Cypriot products.