Super Paradise Beach: Your Mykonos Beach Adventure Awaits

Smart, sun-soaked and sensational - Super Paradise Beach is the ultimate Mykonos destination for unforgettable summer adventures.

Super Paradise Beach: Your Mykonos Beach Adventure Awaits

Smart, sun-soaked and sensational - Super Paradise Beach is the ultimate Mykonos destination for unforgettable summer adventures.

As the sun casts its glow over Mykonos, there’s no place more inviting than Super Paradise Beach. With fine golden sand between your toes, azure water lapping at your feet, and salty air tinged with freedom, this is the place to remember the beauty of life.

But Super Paradise Beach isn't just a pretty face... it has earned its reputation as one of Mykonos’s top beach destinations thanks to a myriad of activities and amenitites.

Water Sports: Adrenaline and Adventure

Thrill seekers can dial it up with jet skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Jetski for a rush like no other. Slice through the Mykonian waves at thrilling speeds. Amyth Super Paradise can organise personalised lessons and all the necessary equipment for safe and exciting waterborne adventures, regardless of your experience level.

The strong Mykonian winds and calm waters create the ideal conditions for windsurfing at Super Paradise Beach. Expect smooth but exhilarating rides against the stunning backdrop of Mykonos’s scenic coastline. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the expert instructors are there to ensure you catch the perfect ride.

Adrenaline lovers might also head to Korfos Bay, where the conditions are excellent for kitesurfing. Amyth Super Paradise’s concierge can arrange lessons for all skill levels and provide all the necessary equipment.

Mykonos offers plenty of opportunities to view the underwater world too via an abundance of snorkelling experiences in crystal clear waters; talk to our team about organising a snorkelling adventure tailored to your interests and needs.


Explore and Experience: Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding

Kayaking and stand-up paddleboards offer a more serene coastal exploration.

Imagine the rhythm of your kayak paddle dipping through the sparkling water, the sun on your back, and the sound of silence. Glide along the Super Paradise Beach coastline on a paddleboard and observe the stunning marine life below. Go it alone or take a guided tour with the help of our seasoned instructors.

The Wind in Your Sails: Champagne Sunsets and Island Hopping

Head off on a luxurious half-day cruise, snorkelling and island-hopping Mykonos’s south coast gems, enjoying lunch with a refreshing glass of rose in a secluded bay. Or treat yourself to a private Champagne sunset cruise complete with a gourmet dinner.

Journey Through Time: Delos Island Tour

The ancient island of Delos lies a short boat ride from Super Paradise Beach. This UNESCO World Heritage site and mythological birthplace of Apollo is an archaeological treasure trove considered the most sacred of all islands in ancient Greek culture. Take a private guided tour and walk the narrow fourth-century streets, then explore the Temples of Apollo. Imagine days of old... homes and public spaces enriched by mosaics and handworked pottery... time spent debating the origins of democracy in an ancient amphitheatre, or worshipping Apollo on this most sacred of Greek islands; these tales of a bygone era offer a profound glimpse into ancient Greek civilisation.


Dance the Day Away: Beach Clubs and Vibrant Nightlife

As the day evolves, Super Paradise Beach transforms. The beach clubs buzz with energy, evolving from peaceful to pulsating. Join the vibrant crowd and let the spirit of Mykonos envelop you with music, dancing, and an undeniable sense of freedom. On Super Paradise Beach, the party never stops.

Surrender to the Sun: Sunbathing and Swimming

When the activities and adventures prove too much, simply kick back and surrender to the joys of sunbathing. Lie on the sun-warmed sand and let the sound of the waves soothe your spirit. Dive into the refreshing azure water for a swim and feel the cool water reinvigorate your body and soul.

Super Paradise Beach: Where Life is Beautiful

At Super Paradise Beach, every day is an invitation to bask in life’s pleasures, whether that’s a peaceful day of sunbathing and swimming in the inviting waters, an adventurous ride across the waves, or a night spent dancing under the stars. Super Paradise Beach isn't just a place, it's a life-enriching destination that draws visitors back time and again.