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Our Story

Amyth: An invitation to dream beyond, immerse deeper, and explore new hospitality narratives.

Offering a promise of the extraordinary, Amyth Hotels not only encourage guests to visit a destination, but to live it.

Brought to you by Thanos Hotels & Resorts, this new collection of bijou beauties delivers heartfelt home-from-home service and community-minded values to guests seeking immersive connections and artisan surroundings.


Each Amyth property is a poetic reflection of its surroundings, echoing the rhythm and spirit of local life. Anchored in heartfelt hospitality and natural practices, we invite guests to weave their own stories into the rich tapestry of our destinations.

Amyth of Agios Stefanos
Mykonos, Greece

Embrace the quintessential charm of Mykonos, where tradition meets cosmopolitan allure. Stay in our hotels, offering stylish comfort amid enchanting vistas. Immerse in the island's vibrant pulse and savor the laid-back luxury that beckons travelers from across the globe. Discover the timeless beauty of Mykonos with us.
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Amyth of Nicosia
Nicosia, Cyprus

A beautifully restored villa with 10 bedrooms, including one two-bedroom suite and two one-bedroom suites, located in the historic Old City of Nicosia, within the medieval Venetian walls. A bar lounge serves sumptuous cocktails and delicious food all day long. Curated tours of the historic sights of old Nicosia are available on request.
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