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Mykonos, The Aegean's Radiant Paradise

Mykonos: A dazzling blend of sun-kissed beaches, iconic whitewashed buildings, and vibrant nightlife. This Aegean jewel offers a perfect mix of relaxation, culture, and entertainment, making every visit an unforgettable experience under the Greek sun.

Amyth of Mykonos
Agios Stefanos, Mykonos

On a hillside above Mykonos Bay, just steps away from the village of Agios Stefanos, Amyth of Mykonos Agios Stefanos is a hideaway haven of ’at-home’ hospitality that encourages a deeper experience of Mykonian life at its blissed-out, laid-back best. Retreat to 17 boho-luxe rooms for cosy residential amenities, all just minutes from the island’s hottest spots.
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Amyth Super Paradise
Super Paradise, Mykonos

Located on the upper side of Mykonos' iconic Super Paradise Beach, Amyth of Mykonos Super Paradise offers unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea. With modern rooms and suites, it epitomises the essence of a Mykonian summer, featuring pure whitewashed wood accents that create a sophisticated rustic charm, in perfect harmony with the spirit of the Cycladic islands.
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